11 June 2007

a robot in my closet

Some women have to worry about their husbands looking up dirty pictures on the internet late at night after they are asleep. Not me. No "cocktail waitresses gone wild" for my hubby. I am married to an inventor. If you are envisioning the toast making contraptions of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, you are a few years ahead of us. Before we got married, my husband built a robot named Iskander. He looks like R2D2, and he is controlled by a remote. Iskander even served at a wedding one time. My husband attached an arm to him so he could carry a tray of drinks. In the first house we lived in after we were married, Iskander lived in the closet of the extra bedroom, but we now have a garage, which is a better place for him to haunt.

So back to the husbands looking things up on the internet late at night. I came in well after midnight last week to find my husband looking at a website called "buggies gone wild." His latest invention was inspired when his co-worker said, "You know, if I lived where you live, I would drive a four-wheeler to work. It would save a lot of gas." I am naturally grateful to this co-worker for his economic suggestion, but I have the feeling we will have spent more dollars than many tanks of gas are worth before this project is finished. This invention is going to be a modified golf cart that goes much faster than a normal one. So if anyone is in the market to sell a 10-spline shaft for real dirt cheap, please let me know.

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