01 June 2007

tomato troubles

Here is my sob story. For my birthday in April I planted 12 small tomato plants. I lovingly watered them, opened the window next to them every day, sang them their favorite song to help them grow healthy and strong. And what should happen when I transplanted them in May? Death. All of my precious little plants shriveled up and died. I almost exclaimed that, but one really ought not to over use exclamation points. And I do have the comfort of having gone to Ballard's Nursery, where I procured several already started plants, which are now thriving.

Several days ago I went to check on them and sing to them, but they were covered in bugs!! Aargh. So, after another quick trip to the fine folks at Ballard's, I have sprayed them with repellent, and my fingers are crossed in their behalf.

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