16 July 2007

My two cents on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

As the seventh book will be arriving at my house this Saturday, I feel I should comment on such a momentous occasion. When the sixth book came out, my hubby and I ordered two, in order that we might read them simultaneously and avoid any major marital stress from fighting over it. However, my cheapskate soul has prevailed this time, and we will be ordering only one book. We like to get them from Amazon because they guarantee that the book will arrive the day it comes out, and they also have a really good price on the book. In fact, if you pre-order with Amazon, they send a $5.00 gift certificate, which is like getting a small discount and free shipping.

Enough free advertising for Amazon. I thought I would post about the Harry Potter books because I read USA Weekend yesterday, and there were several predictions from prominent people as to what will happen in the sixth book. I liked the thoughts of Susan Aikens. She works for Borders books in their children's purchasing department. She said that "Good will prevail, and Harry will overcome Voldemort, but he won't be able to do it without help. In the ultimate act of redemption, Snape will sacrifice himself so that Harry can defeat Voldemort. All the questions and doubts will be summed up in the final chapters, but it won't be a pat 'happy ending.' Instead, the ending probably will convey the ambivalence and sadness that Ms. Rowling must feel in saying goodbye to characters who have meant more to her than they ever could to her readers."

I do disagree with her on one point, though. I think that rather than Snape, Peter Pettigrew will sacrifice himself for Harry. Here is why: The title of the sixth book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The title suggests that the Half-Blood Prince is the main point of the story, and the book supports that premise. The second chapter is all about Snape, and it reveals more about the inner workings of his mind than any of the other books. Furthermore, he plays a huge and controversial role in the ending when he commits a great crime. Many people think he will redeem himself in the seventh book. I think not. The sixth book is his story, and I think in the seventh book he'll be "stickin' to it." Besides, Dumbledore alludes to the value of Harry saving Peter's life in the third book. I think Harry's actions in the third book will be what save him in the seventh.

In other news, you can see all three covers to the book under the 7th book section of www.mugglenet.com. I am interested to know what people think about the arms that are reaching for the trio in the UK children's version of the book. (see above) Is it Dobby? The arms, head, and ears certainly look like those of a house elf. Could it be the vile and vicious Kreacher? Please post your comments, as inquiring minds want to know.


Alex said...

Hmmm. . . I think Peter has some penance coming his way for certain, but I still think Snape will ultimately have to shoulder his share of the "I-owe-Harry-or-his-Dad-my-life" debt. I can't help but think that Snape is going to be Darth Vader to Voldemort's Palpatine. My reasoning? Snape became a sympathetic figure the instant Harry saw in the Pensieve that he and/or his Mother was verbally abused by his Father. There's far too much taboo surrounding that particular topic to just let Snape turn out to be 100% evil through and through. I believe he will be shown to have a streak of goodness still extant in his twisted innards.

Ryan said...

This weekend should be interesting as the truth is finally revealed. I have been fighting over where Snape's loyalties truly lie. I believe that Snape is a free Agent. I think every story needs a villain. Deep down Snape knows that Voldermort will be defeated and for the sake of this saga, Snape is on the "Good Side." I also think that once Voldermort is finally defeated and Harry is carried out on everyone's shoulders being the hero that saved the day, Snape's jealousy and hatred will be solidified making him the new threat to peace in the wizarding world.