25 July 2007


I have recently been noticing feminist undertones in my thoughts. In a film class I took in college I learned that for every one woman in film there are more than 3 men. I have started noticing this in almost everything I watch. We checked out the first season of Macguyver from the library, and the stats are even worse. (Don't get me wrong--I love Macguyver as much as the next girl, but couldn't he save more female scientists from certain chemical spill doom?) And there was a different woman in every Indiana Jones movie. What is with that? Is it because men are more interesting than women, so the woman is just an interchangeable puppet?

Judging by Sara McLachlan's success with the Lilith Fair in the late 90's, I think not. McLachlan embarked on the tour because she was tired of the concert promoters and radio stations that refused to have two females perform in a row. I must give her props for her achievement.

History has been pretty rough on many women. The subject also came up while we were having lunch last Saturday with my extended in-laws. My hubby's aunt had just read a book about the horrible things Asians have done to women's feet all in the name of social custom. It was truly appalling.

After I noticed that these things seemed to be surging in my thoughts and in conversation around me, I thought I'd better analyze my current situation to make sure I am not being dragged down in a sea of hu-Man-ity. After about two minutes of reflection I realized that if anything, I am kept afloat by the men in my life. My hubby goes to work all day every day so that I can stay home with my cute little chubby daughter whom I adore. This also enables me to do things I love to do like garden, can peaches, apples, and jam, and quilt. I also have a fantastic father and father-in-law who are great examples of service-leadership. I really like having men around. They do all the hard stuff, like unclog nasty drains, take out the trash, change that last rotten diaper after I've had my fill, and fix the computer when it crashes. And I get to do the fun stuff, like experimenting in the kitchen, playing with our daughter, and agonizing over whether my tomatoes will ever be red enough to pick. What more could a girl ask for?


Gina said...

I love how you put feminism into it's place here. We are so often made to feel like victims, when we are so lucky to have wonderful men who allow us to do the greatest and most rewarding job in the world. I too am grateful for dads and husbands! My dad is in town and just fixed my toilet! Hurray!

amy said...

there is a whole school of people, they call themselves "masculists", devoted to reclaiming the good name of men, for those who deserve it. i am delighted to hear that you are surrounded by such men who do. it's a delicate balance to maintain the belief that men are creatures as divine and wonderful as the women they are designed to marry, and still be realistic about the devastation of an evil patriarchal culture that decimates the dignity of all; men and women alike. i consider myself a feminist, devoted wife, and convicted latter day saint, a combination some might find impossible, but i find unavoidable. i appreciate your thoughts on the matter. it is important that we be willing to see reality of tough situations, and equally, if not more, important that men be willing to do the same if we hope to create the best possible lives for ourselves and our baby boys and girls.