30 July 2007

New Niece

My brother-in-law and his adorable wife have just left for the hospital to deliver their number three. I was checking Gina's blog (see sidebar my favorite hooligans) and there is a great video about how to get a soccer partner. Check it out when you have a minute.

I just thought I would say in honor of those two things, I am extremely grateful for all of my siblings. Counting in-laws, etc., I have 17 siblings, each of whom I treasure in the extreme for the following reasons: two words: manic canning; executive council teen girl problems and their hilarity; "didn't you get the memo? we're all wearing the same color this whole week in the name of family unity."; the beautiful and accomplished Miss Toquervilles (there are two); growth spurt teenage boys who are like 6 inches taller between every visit; the soon-to-be mother of three who is completely sane and down to earth; the mother of one who does everything right and just before I do so I can tap her newfound wisdom; the high mucky muck mortgage guru fashion-loving diva; the whole singing, playing, musacking pack of musicians; the iron-man who built a wooden train for his son; and that drama queen who loves to throw pillows at her brothers-in-law and then scream bloody murder and hide. The list could go on.

All of these things make my life just a little more enjoyable. What do you love about your siblings?

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