11 July 2007

"watermelons" and other disasters

I recently mentioned my perplexing "watermelon" plants that were four feet high. Soon after that post, I noticed one of the same plants growing in my next door neighbor's front yard, which is all dirt with a few straggly weeds. This neighbor's weed then sprouted a small sunflower on top--not even the cool kind of sunflower that grows seeds that you can roast and salt and chew up and spit out in a coke cup in your car on a long drive.

There was a mystery plant that had also sprouted in the general vicinity. Turns out mystery plant A is the only watermelon to survive out of about 20 seeds that we planted. I am quite dismayed and intend to start them inside the house or buy plants next year, hopefully thus preventing my apparently black thumb from killing them all before they have even had a chance to sprout. No, I'm not bitter. Why do you ask?

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