10 August 2007

Aloha, etc.

My best friend just returned from Hawaii and brought this resplendent muumuu for Miss Grace.

And this is her hiding in the cupboard, which I recently repainted and antiqued, by the way.


Clarissa said...

Cuteness! Little Miss Grace is the most adorable Grace I know. Not that I know many Graces, but I have to be careful now that I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews.

Jensley said...

Thanks. I think she's the most adorable Grace I know, too.

msjvd said...

She is a near exact replica of her mother at that age, so it does seem somewhat disingenuous on her mother's part to suggest she is "most adorable."

Nonetheless, she's very cute.

MLEjane said...

The pic of her hiding in the cupboard is sooooo cute! I will be down soon if you don't come up. I need to see her.