15 August 2007

The Grand Canyon

No, this isn't a travelogue entry about my visit to a local geographic wonder. You can see a great geological event right in my front yard. Yesirree, that there backhoe belongs to my beloved Dad, also known as farmer John. Alex went out to mow yon lawn on Saturday morning, when he discovered a peaceful stream gently floating down the front half of our yard beneath the unsightly lava landscaping rocks and flourishing sunflower weeds.

After a half day's digging, we discovered that our main water line to our house had once been patched, and that the patch had broken. There was also another leak that needed fixing. Upon consultation, our friendly local plumber and the sympathetic city water guys told us that we should replace the whole line. We thus proceeded to do so on Monday with help from Farmer John's backhoe and many grumbly thoughts on Alex's part.

So if you want to see a geological spectacle, hurry up, before it's too late. We're having a fill in the hole party tomorrow night. But don't get too close, we don't want you getting buried with our precious new 450 pounds per square inch water line!

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