27 August 2007

You will be assimilated. . .

Certain members of my family have a penchant for pickled okra, and we have recently procured some from our friend Andy ,who had better success growing okra than I did. ( I planted two packages of seeds, and one sprouted 'til about an inch tall and then died.) I was bragging about this new-found okra source, and someone asked, "Where did Andy get it?"

And I answered, "He growed it."

I once returned a letter to my sister with grammatical corrections on it. I will never--I repeat never be living this one down.

1 comment:

Gina said...

Your blog looks so awesome! I am wanting to redesign mine, and make it more unique. I guess the "diva" was pretty helpful!
That's pretty funny about your grammatical blunder. My talk resembles a 2 year old's more and more each day! Ah the shame!