14 September 2007

Book Review

While I was up north, Grandma B lent me a couple of books. I just finished reading Falling Leaves, by Adeline Yen Mah. I found it interesting and informative. Mah's writing style isn't anything special, but she did give a lot of information about the cultural and political climate over the last century in China. The book is a memoir, and tells about her childhood and life up until the death of her parents. The family is extremely dysfunctional, and the way they treat each other is just appalling. Reading the book made me grateful for my family. It put our trivial problems into a whole new light.

There were a few points where I felt that Mah was taking the victim mentality, but for the most part, she did share facts that told her story rather than paint her family in a bad color. If you are interested in Chinese culture, have a blended family, or are a nurse, you might enjoy this book. But if you're looking for a book to cheer you up, keep looking.

PS Thanks Amazon for the picture.

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champy said...

Granted, my experience with this book is second-hand (I.E., what my wife told me she was reading), but her descriptions made me wonder if anyone can really be trusted with their own history. Though no one knows it better, no one else would be more prone to embellishment or omission. The impression I got of Mah's family seemed very much like a caricature and it seems like people are always deeper than that. Anyway, take this for what it's worth. I haven't read this book.