28 September 2007

Home Improvements and more Stoned Children

This first picture represents the same phenomenon I posted of Brycen recently. Grace is falling asleep in her chair because she is too tired to eat. And if you have seen the fat rolls on her thighs, you know that is saying something.
Exhibit B represents my dreadful horrible really bad ugly cupboards before the transforming process which I am currently undertaking to strip them of their ugliness and grant them transcendent beauty, or at least cupboardly tolerableness.

Exhibit C shows what they will all look like when I am done. I must say the picture does not do them justice. The brownish stuff is an antique look that is more pleasing in real life. I did one half of the kitchen in the spring, then I waited until now to do the other half because it was too hot to paint the cupboard doors in the garage during our scorching southern Utah summer. I am surprisingly close to finished now due to great help from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. So if you read this, a major thanks Brittany and Kay! I esteem you as shining stars of home improvement and in-law-ness in general.

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Gina said...

Okay, I totally want to do something like this to our cabinets. I kind of hate ours right now! When we get around to this project (have no idea when!) I will have to learn your tips.
They look awesome. I bet it has been hard work.