10 September 2007

We're not dead

We were just on vacation. We went up north to visit fambly, and then left our baby girl behind to spend two nights in Vegas. That was an adventure. Here's a little tip: If someone offers you a "Free Gift" in Vegas in exchange for taking a "two-hour" tour of their new "facility," they will be monopolizing four hours of your time and examining your finances to figure out how you can squeeze a time-share into them. If you have read the Twilight series, you can sympathize when I say I was pretty freaked out during part of it, because it reminded me of the "tour" those people were taking in Volterra at the end of New Moon. We did get $120.00 worth of tickets to the Tournament of Kings and $50.00 in food vouchers in exchange for our time, so the jury is still out as to whether it was worth giving up a few Vegas shopping hours.

Also, how much time is too much away from your children? We were gone for two nights, and that was stretching it for me. Alex thinks we could go much longer, but I have a hard time. My dear sister-in-law says about 4 days is right. I'd have to try it to know. Maybe later, though.

What do you think?


Gina said...

I've only done 2 nights away. It seemed just enough to miss Jackson without feeling like I was neglecting him too. However, now that he's getting a little older and being well..2, I think I could go longer, especially if it was for a super fun trip.

michelle said...

I didn't leave chloe for more than a night until she was over 3yrs, actually I'm not sure it was even a night- so I can't comment. LOL Now that she visits her dad in NY every few months I look forward to the time alone (but she's 5!)
My sister did that time share thing to get free hotel and day pass to Disneyland which I think was worth it, Vegas...maybe not so much. :-)