10 October 2007

hydration interrogation

As a resident of desert dry southern Utah, and babysitter who has to wash her hands super frequently after changing many diapers, I pose this question to both of my readers:

What is the best lotion you have ever used?

I am tired of dry cracky hands. I want soft and silky.


Dansie Family said...

i am a fan of vaseline intensive care, intense moisture. it is in the white bottle with blue lettering. thick, yet not greasy. perfect for dry winter skin. fun blog by the way.

msjvd said...

I suggest that you try "AmLactin" available at fine Costco stores near you. (Might have to request it.) It comes recommended by my dermatologist. It stings when it goes on, but is NOT greasy and maintains moisture like nothing else.

As the winter goes on, might top the Amlactin with a little "bag balm" (also Costco, behind the pharm counter) in the green box.