19 October 2007

The Love of Shoes is innate

I have just finished changing Grace's shoes for the third time today. This proves to me that the love of shoes is an innate quality for most women. Sure, you might occasionally come across the rare Susie Simple Sunday & Sneakers, but for the most part, you have women like Grace and me, who relish a good pair of shoes for every occasion.

I'm actually glad she had me change them again, because these brown shoes go much better with her red socks than the pink ones shown below. Really, small children are almost as bad as men when it comes to making their clothes match. Though who can blame men for not matching when they generally own only two pair of shoes? I certainly feel grateful to Alex for allowing my shoes to cover 2/3 of our closet floor, while his two pair (one during the day when he is wearing them) take up a wee little corner.

And for those of you who were burning with curiosity about this important issue: this is what Grace's hair would have looked like all the time if she were born in the 80's, or in a throwback movie like the one for Charlie's Angels. Glad I could put this matter to rest for you.

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Clara said...

Nice! She is so adorable!