30 October 2007

Microwave Cakes

I go to a playgroup potluck at my city park every Tuesday. Today, I made a microwave cake for it. It turned out very well, so I will share. I did the Toll House one.

I learned this recipe at a Pampered Chef party last year. It is simple, fast, easy. You take a cake mix, three eggs, and a can of something squishy and wet. Microwave it on high for 11 to 12 minutes, and voila'. I use a stoneware bundt pan, and it works great every time. I think most microwaveable pans would work, though. You need to make sure your microwave has a turntable, or disaster (as I have learned from sad shoddy microwave-owning experience). Here are some sample ideas for cakes.

Pumpkin chocolate chip:
3 eggs
spice cake mix
can of pumpkin
chocolate chips
--really good with caramel drizzle or whip cream or both

Cherry swirl
3 eggs
white cake mix
can of cherry pie filling

Toll house
3 eggs
Yellow cake mix
can of apple sauce
chocolate chips

German chocolate
3 eggs
German chocolate cake mix
Can of apple sauce
nuts and coconut, or frost with normal German chocolate

bon appetit!


Connie said...

Dear Jenny, I absolutely love the whole blog and I am learning so much!You are greatly talented. I, too am gravely disappointed in JK and I wish it had not happened. You just never know a person sometimes. Anyway, I too, shall choose to ignore her interpretation of her book and I will see Dumbledore as the lovable man and wizard I know him to be. I'll bet if we asked his opinion, he would be the first to blast and disagree with his author. On a lighter note, thanks for those recipes. I shall have to try them. The cupboards look great and your step by step instructional is perfect and worthy of a company handout to do it yourselfers. Have a great day and thanks for fixing up my computer to make it easier to get to the blog and the Bramall bulletin. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to try these new recipes! Thanks for sharing!