26 November 2007

Important Announcement

It has come to my attention that laundry is no longer an event, i.e. something that can be begun and finished on Tuesday while watching my favorite Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Laundry is now a process, lasting through the entire week. This is a great disappointment.


Gina said...

Too true. Just last night I mentioned to my hubby that "it" never ends. By this I mean, laundry, toys, dishes, and on and on and on. Can that nice lady in the picture come to my house please?
I just try to remember my small accomplishments and realize that the WHOLE house is never going to be clean all at the same time.

Heidi said...

You should write a requiem to mourn the loss of your carefree laundry days. Or at least another verse of doggerel. Perhaps you don't wish to waste your fine doggerel on laundry. I commiserate. I try not to waste an ounce of thought on laundry.

Sometimes it works a little too well.