12 November 2007

The Love of Shopping is also innate

I left Grace in eating a bedtime cracker last night, and when I came back in, she was carefully browsing the the Target ad. It was a proud moment for me. She is so advanced.

When I was a little girl, all we had around the county were K-mart and Walmart. As Walmart was the closest to our small town via the freeway, it was the store of choice for my parents. This has started a habit in me which I would like to break, because we now have a Target. Their stuff is just so much cuter, and lately, often cheaper than Walmart--who ironically continues to advertise "Always the low price. Always." "Cheaper than Walmart" used to be a phrase reserved for thrift stores and super clearance outlets. The phrase has unfortunately lost a lot of potency, though their groceries are still pretty well priced.

Perhaps it is the grocery element that keeps me going back there. It's so nice to be able to buy the batting for a quilt, flip flops, fake eyelashes, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a stick of butter at the same store.

Now that I think about it, my Walmart habit is probably good. If I got in the habit of shopping at Target all the time, I would probably have a much better wardrobe. (Purchasing attire at Walmart poses a rare and easy to resist temptation). And since I'm pregnant I'd be crying about it because 1. I'm much more emotional than usual, and 2. I'm more fat that usual and would be unable to wear my beautiful inexpensive but fashionable wardrobe. As it is, I can settle for being fat, frumpy and happy. I'm glad we've reached this place together.

PS. For every pound I've gained during this pregnancy, Alex has lost one or more in his noble quest to be able to eat whatever he wants conscience free at Turkey Day. Congrats dear. Maybe we'll weigh the same amount by the time baby 2 is born.

And I was joking about the fake eyelashes. Those are more my fashionista sista's style.


Heidi said...

I love Target too, but regularly shop Walmart. Because when I go to Target, I GO TO TARGET! I spend way more money than is healthy or recommended by my budget. Wal-mart, has no cute clothes (hardly ever, anyway) and no dollar spot that will suck me in by making me think, "Hmmm. . . I'll use this as a stocking stuffer next December." So although I really prefer Target, I stick to Walmart most of the time . . .

Gina said...

My dear husband happily gains the pregnancy weight right along with me. :) And hopefully we'll both lose together too after the baby is born!
I second the target/wal-mart comments. I was recently in the Target clothing deparmtent and I thought "these clothes are cute, and I am going to DESERVE them after the baby is born." Here's to waiting! 5 more weeks!