02 December 2007

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Last night we were looking for one of those flying helicopter toys for someone for Christmas when we stumbled upon the best Christmas gift ever. I'm pleased to introduce you to the flying monkey. It flies. It is a monkey. Isn't that about as good as it gets? You tuck two fingers under his chin, pull the legs way back, release, and voila: flying monkey. The monkey flies and screams monkey noises at the same time. I'm repeating some elements of this story because it is so exciting.

You can also find flying frogs, chickens, and cows. I don't know about you, but I think flying farm animals are a scream.

These delightful treasures are brought to you by Amazon.com, but you can get them for a better deal on Deal News.


amy said...

thank you ever so for all the christmas shopping support. i may never leave the house at all thanks to you!

Brittany said...

We have one of these! It was given to us by a band friend, and it is one of three toys (the others are a wind-up caterpillar and a wind-up diver for the tub) our almost two year old son is absolutely terrified of. It's hilarious, but sad to watch. That thing shrieks like a banshi as it is shot across the room.

Jen said...

Follow-up, you put your fingers in the monkey's hands, not under his head. We got a frog also, and Alex broke it pretty quickly because his muscles are just too big and he pulled it too far. It ripped poor froggy's paw right off.