14 December 2007

Book Reviews

Okay. I lied about not reading anything else before Christmas. My dear mother-in-law the local children's librarian hooked me up with this sweet book. It is a childrens book and took about five minutes to read and required several tissues, because quilts and grandmas and Christmas get me when I'm in my current condition. Actually, my beautiful new backsplash brought tears to my eyes also, though none were shed (see below). If that is not an accurate indicator of my current tender heartedness, I don't know what is.

Pay no attention to the dirty dishes and general clutter. Just focus on that lovely red beadboard. (happy sigh)

And I also read this book:

I just love Shannon Hale, as you may have noticed in this post. And while I do declare she can write one million times better than I can, she did start this book a bit slowly. I suppose for plot purposes it had to be that way. The story concerns a lady and her maid who are locked away in a tower for some time, and the adventures that follow were my favorite part. The book just moved slowly at first, though I still read it in one day because I just can't put a Shannon Hale book down to save my life or clean my house. The ending made me cry, but I think I would have cried over it even if I weren't pregnant. Mrs. Hale just got her groove on and came off well as usual in this one.

And last we (meaning dear MIL) checked I was 8th in line for one of 7 copies in the county of Austenland. So I'll be breaking my holiday reading fast for that one also. So much for self control and folded laundry.


Brittany said...

I must say, I love your backsplash! Well done! Congratulations of course on Henry. I'm sure he was much cuter than that aweful drawing. I haven't read any of those three books you mentioned, so I'll get to it. They look good and everything I've read by Shannon Hale has been great.

Clarissa said...

I loved that book too! I agree that it started slowly, kinda like she was trying to think of a plot and was just writing while she was still thinking. But she definitely ended with a flourish! Do I get to borrow Austenland during the two weeks you have it since you will probably be done the first day? Pretty please?

Heidi said...

Ooooh, I loved Austenland. If we were best friends in real life like we are over cyberspace, I would totally loan you my copy and then you wouldn't have to wait for the library.

Jen said...

Thanks Heidi. That means a lot. Yes Clair, you can borrow it when I check it out, because I will have read it within approximately 23.5 hours of receiving it.