01 December 2007

Happy Holidays

Have you ever been here?

My husband uses Deal News all the time to find great deals on electronics stuff. I just discovered that you can look up your favorite store and see what coupons are current. There were quite a few for Target, and they also had Sundance, Bath and Body Works and a plethora of other stores. Many coupons can be printed and used in-store. There are all sorts of good deals. Check it out if you are shop-online-during-the-holidays-junkies, as we are.


Heidi said...

I just want to comment on "gormless" as the word of the day. This word is absolutely a part of my every day vocabulary. Is it bad that I use it to describe my kids in several, erm (see that's chiefly British for um), unflattering pictures?

Probably. Thanks for doing all the great words of the whatever. I love 'em!

amy said...

thanks for the tip: housewives are notoriously coupon fiends :)

Jen said...

My dear husband spent 2 ecclesiastical years in Ireland, and now serves with the 12-year old boys, so "gormlessness" is a regular part of his vocab. I'm a big fan.