10 December 2007

The latest Fashion

This is Grace's supermodel look, notice the skimpy clothing, ridiculously small amount of food for her anorexidiet, disheveled hair in her eyes, semi-smile causing you wonder what she's thinking. I'll tell you what she's thinking, "I am the most beautiful supermodel to ever hit this place. My mom is so lucky she can look at me and wish she was this gorgeous every day. I hope Dad knows this photo shoot is going to cost him an arm and a bowl of marshmallow mateys."
This is her enchant-the-nursery-leaders pinafore which she wore to church yesterday. I made it from leftovers from my resourceful mother-in-law. I am particularly fond of the black velvet dress beneath, but I loved the way the whole ensemble came together. It looked even better with the white tights and red velvet Mary Janes which were unceremoniously discarded upon our arrival home. And she didn't even sign "Eat" the whole time she was in nursery. What a good girl.


Gina said...

She's so cute. So hollywood. Ha ha.
I love the dress!
Seriously, I am so excited for our little girl to come so we can play dress up!
Thanks for the package! Loved the twix and the little quilt is so pretty. You are so sweet and so funny!

Connie said...

Can we get autographs yet? How mcu does she charge to sign 8x10 glossies? seriously, she is seriously the most seriously cute two year old on the planet and I am not just saying that!Mom

amy said...

ok, ok, hang on a second. you MADE a PINAFORE? let's everybody just stop for a second and give some props, or something. i mean, this is serious.