18 December 2007

Pioneer or Prairie Point Presentation

So here is a not so brief tutorial on the pioneer points trick I learned at quilt guild this year:
First, decide what size of points you want: I usually like a four-inch or six-inch square to start with. Double the length of the side, and cut out strips of your fabric in that width. So for four-inch squares, you would cut out eight inch strips. For this one, I did three-inch squares because it was for a smaller project. Now, iron your strip in half, as pictured above.
After you have ironed your project in half, mark down the first side at intervals of the length of your squares. Next, you need to mark the other side, but you have to offset the marks by half of your square side length. So I started 1.5" from the edge on the second side, whereas on the other side I had started right at the edge. If you are confused, scroll down two pictures to see what the cut out strip will look like.
Now snip to the line you ironed, starting at each individual mark.
When you have snipped both sides, it will look like the picture above.
Now get out your iron. I like to iron on the counter using a towel underneath, a trick I learned from my dear mother-in-law. Takes up way less space in the kitchen, where I sometimes sew. (Easier access to food for us pregnant folk) There are two ways I know for making picots. The first begins by folding as pictured above: from one corner to the opposite diagonally from itself.
Then fold from the other corner, like so.
I am doing it another way. First, you fold the square in half lengthwise, parallel to the ironed line, then pull each corner down to the center of the center line.
Iron the points once you have finger-pressed them where you want, then fold in half and iron again, as above.

Then baste just inside the 1/4" line, so you can use the trim to follow the guidelines in this tutorial about how to bind a quilt. Or you can just sew the two ends of it together and make a crown for your small child. Whatever flips up your skirt, or quilt, as the case may be.


Dansie Family said...

thanks for the tutorial. i love that quilt. we'll see if i can incorporate it into one of my own one day.

Quilter203 said...

Thanks for the tutorial -- I have no problem making the points for sewing them to the front of the quilt. I had BIG problems sewing the backing to the points, especially the corners. How much of the backing do you leave for sewing it to the back of the points? What do you do with the corners? Every helpful hint has shown the front, not the back. HELP!

Jen said...

I usually trim my quilts with a rotary cutter (the whole sandwiched thing) so the back and front match exactly. I sew the points on the front at 1/4 inch. Then I pin an entire side and around the corners with the pins pretty close together to make sure it eases together and whipstitch very carefully.

If you are having trouble with the corners, I would sew up a little 6x6 quilt sample and try a few different folds for practice and to see what works best for you. you might try clipping the corners of the sample so there is less bulk, though I haven't tried that, so do it on the sample if you do.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jen said...

Also, after I have got the points sewn on, I iron the points and front in the way I want them before I pin it down. That makes it so I don't have work to hard at finger pressing while pinning the front to back.