18 December 2007


I have recently been tagged by my friend Angie, but it has taken me quite some time to get around to it. I guess you are supposed to tell six things you think people didn't know about you. This is very difficult, since my life is an open book on the internet since I began blogging.

Still, here are a few items of deep dark confession for your amusement:

1. I secretly envy (well, not secretly anymore) my SIL, because not only is she remarkably beautiful and talented, she recently started a blog and had more comments on one of her first three posts than I have ever had on any post. I covet comments very voraciously.

2. This comment coveting is one reason (of many) that I love this blog and its owner. Because she is not only witty and vivacious and funny, and shares my love of the language, Britishisms, and Shannon Hale, but she occasionally stops by to say hello over here.

3. I have wanted to be tagged for a long time, but I was embarrassed to actually do it when I got tagged, because I generally like to pretend that I am snooty and above such everybody-is-doing-it phenomena. Still, I live in a small town, so I occasionally come down to earth to do things like play tag and clean toilets. We small town folk do stuff like that.

4. I am getting a Bernina sewing machine for Christmas and have peed my pants over it several times. And not just because I'm pregnant.

5. My husband is getting a blu-ray/hddvd reader and dvd burner for Christmas because I'm all cool and technologically savvy like that. Actually, he had to order it himself, because he found the screaming deal online and it had to be ordered the day it came in stock. It sold out within hours.

6. I have run 2 5Ks. This was a great accomplishment for a person of my non-athletic-ness. The 5Ks occurred during my senior year of college, and it took my best efforts of the previous four years to get in shape for them. I am not currently a runner, but cherish secret dreams of my t-shirt drawer again overflowing with 5K shirts from runs I have actually done. This dream will have to wait at least until after next April to begin fulfilling again. I'm very busy being totally exhausted until them. I will just keep trying to hang around this amazing lady until then, hoping her athletic prowess will rub off on me.

I tag anyone who reads this blog and would like to be tagged and is not actually above participating in this activity. (I already know you don't hate bandwagons in your heart if you blog. Mwa ha ha ha.) Please leave a comment to the effect that you will be participating, so I know to come learn six more things to love or think are weird about you.

Oh, and if you come up with the cleverest caption for our Christmas Card, (pictured way above) I will bring or mail you a candy bar.


Kasey Stansfield said...

I am so glad you found my blog, now we can still keep up with each other even though we are no longer neighbors!! Your blog by the way is adorable! and congrats on the soon to be new addition!

Brittany said...

That has to be the coolest Christmas card cover I have ever seen. You are so witty and such an entertaining writer! :) I love you so much! I'll accept that 'tag'. Fun. I'm so excited to see you guys.
P.S. Grace looks great with extremely long legs.

Heidi said...

I am totally with you on the comments. I'm sooooo in love with people who comment.

Just another reason we would be best friends (aside from the Britishisms, big words, and Shannon Hale deal).

Also, I loved you more when when you posted that picture of your sink with dishes in it. It was a major connectivity moment.

Susan Vilate said...

Jenny, I accept. I may not get around to it real soon, cause it'll take a while to think of things that nobody knows, unless you can think of anything (like maybe the fact that I stay up until ridiculous hours doing homework). I love your blog. I read every entry that you do. It's just so entertaining. I love you too.

Liz said...

I will comment on yours since you commented on mine and comments make the world go round ;)

Here's what I think the Christmas Card Caption should be (here it goes - I know nothing about your family so this should be good, right?)
"Play, (insert husband's name here)! The music must go on before our child leaves for battle!"
(Sorry, I'll do anything for chocolate!)

Dansie Family said...

as soon as you pop that little one out just run on over to my house and we can go out on a nice jog. there are some fun races in the next year. and we all need some new fun t-shirts.

msjvd said...

"Pray make music, Higbert! Thy child is fleeing the nest and nigh well before I bring forth our next born!"

How many candy bars do I have to win before you name a kid after me?

Heidi said...

Yeah, with a name like msjvd, I think you really should name the child after the above.

Jon & Angie Lewis said...

Thanks for accepting the tag...I quite enjoyed reading it!