31 December 2007


Every Christmas Eve my in-laws have the tradition of traveling to Kolob--the mountain, not God's dwelling place. Above you may admire pictures of my adorable Grace and her dashing cousin, who were dragged around contentedly for some time by Alex, by their great-grandpa, and occasionally by me.

We love to drive up the terrifying winding road over icy curves, slide around on inner tubes, eat chili or sloppy joes, drink hot chocolate, and then drive back down before our toes get too cold.

Unfortunately, shortly after these pictures were taken, my camera ran out of batteries, or I could have photo-chronicled another tradition that is carried on by my husband's cousins: that of getting their large four-wheel drive trucks stuck in the snow as many times as possible until it takes more than thirty minutes to get one out. This year, the third time was the charm. Why do men find this phenomenon so enthralling? It is definitely a mystery to me.

On the other hand, I suppose many men find it mysterious that women see no problem possessing 15 or more pairs of shoes. We (my sisters and I) recently challenged a loved one that she had more than 75 pairs of shoes, and she said, "No way do I have that many." So we counted, and she had over 90 pair. At least she doesn't pay $25,000.00 for them and then go scatter and bury them in the snow just for the fun of digging them out. That would be utterly ridiculous.


Heidi said...

It's Imelda Marcos' legacy to all women. Shoes!

Just like the truck thing is a legacy from Adam. The Bible is very clear that he drove a truck out of the Garden.

Jill said...

The shoes thing is genetic. My daughter's favorite thing to do with me is go to lunch then buy shoes.
Men seem to think of 4 wheel drive on a vehicle as challenge rather than a safety feature.

Dansie Family said...

tom doesn't care so much about the number of shoes in my closet as much as the number of shoes i take with me on vacation. (you need options)

Brittany said...

That is hilarous! I will admit though, Ryan has more pairs of shoes than I do! I guess I'd better get busy shopping. Actually, I like only having a few otions. That's all I really need. I marvelled at the motivation behind purposely getting your trucks stuck as well. Men are so mysterious. Oh, maybe not.