02 January 2008

Contest Winner

Play, Alex! The music must go on before our child leaves for battle!

Pray make music, Higbert! Thy child is fleeing the nest and nigh well before I bring forth our next born!

Piety: It's nice to know that no matter what else you do in life, it will never be as righteous as this picture.

And it came to pass in those days there went out many entries (well, only three) for the card captioning contest. As self-proclaimed winner, seconded by the anonymous judge, the second entrant shall be granted the boon of being the namesake of my first grandchild, pictured below with her proud mother, in addition to Martha the basil plant which shall be named after her in the spring for guessing the pickled okra. Grace's firstborn, who entered her life on Christmas day, shall be named Little Suzy, so we don't have too much confusion between baby doll and important vegetation.


msjvd said...

Thank you, I feel honored.

Of course, I wonder how many of these contests of yours, Ro, have to be won before I can trade in my credits on one of those major productions.

Granted, Grace is a touch "used" but I might still like having her around.

So... what do you say? If I win ALL the contests in 2008, I get the next one??

Jill said...

That's a clever picture, you did a good job!
What version of photoshop do you have?
I recently installed a new operating system on my computer, and now my photoshop won't work. (o.k., I'm still using 4.0. Pretty pathetic isn't it?)
I need to upgrade.

Jen said...

DH just got Adobe CS3 educational version, so we are using that. Prior to that we were using 7.0. I say "we" because he does all the complicated Photoshop work around this joint.

Have you googled your installation problem? Alex always has a lot of success fixing everything under the sun that way. Though sometimes, I think he can just go breathe on the computer and it feels better. He has "the knack."

Jill said...

We have a Mac, and the problem with my photoshop is that it isn't compatible with OS 10 or above, and when we installed Leopard (10.5) I think it dumped the version of OS 9 that was needed to open Photoshop 4.0. I just need a newer version of Photoshop. (4.0 only allows you one "undo", it's really annoying)
Did that make any sense?
If I tried breathing on my computer it would probably freeze.