07 January 2008

A morning in the life

7:40 push snooze
7:47 arise. eat cereal with dh.
8:00 welcome 1.5-year-old nephew who will be entertaining 1.5-year-old daughter for four hours this morning.

8:01 give nephew large tub of blocks to play with. read and comment on other people's blogs. wish my blog were magically much more beautiful and funny.

8:20 release daughter from bedroom when she cries.

8:25 feed daughter bowl of cheerios, with nephew gated in family room.

8:26 allow nephew in kitchen because he cries to be with his beloved cousin. check email in family room.

8:30 wonder why small ones are so quiet: reap rewards of leaving two under-two's in the kitchen alone by cleaning up bowl of milk and cheerios which were quietly spilled by naughty children all over high chair tray and surrounding floor. Refrain from muttering angry things under breath. Feel guilty for reading email while leaving small children alone for five minutes.

8:35 dress daughter for the day. sternly lecture her on the evils of using the back of her hair for a napkin while combing out milk and cheerio induced tangles. Pour water down the front of her shirt instead of in her mouth after brushing her teeth.

8:45 wash 30% of dishes. wonder why small ones are so quiet: reap rewards of leaving two under-two's in the family room alone by wiping up milk that has so politely been splashed all over the hard side of the floor (not the carpet--good job kids. I like to look on the bright side.) Refrain from muttering angry things under breath. Feel no guilt that alone time was with dishes and not email or blog.

9:00 take small children for a short walk in fabulous in-law bestowed Christmas wagon in order to preserve sanity of all.

Spend rest of day repeating process of first hour, replacing blog or email with sew, read, or spend quality time with dirty kitchen and replace cheerios mess with newspaper mess, bathroom hairthings drawer mess, toys mess, or [insert meal title] mess.

Maybe throw in a nap and some laundry here and there.

Re-read post. Decide that full sentences and capitalization are highly overrated.


Brittany said...

That is hilarious. You accomplish a lot in a morning. I will say, however, that I only have one toddler to deal with most of the time and so his messes are probably half the size of those you dealt with. :) Happy Monday!

Jon & Angie Lewis said...

I don't have a toddler, but my morning is nearly as exciting, filled with feeding Chris, changing Chris, changing him again because it is so much nicer to mess up a clean diaper, try to get him to sleep, enjoy a few minutes before he loses his binky and cries again, try to put him back to sleep, and continue to repeat the process. Sometime I squeeze a shower in (before noon if I'm lucky) while he is sleeping, usually to get out and here him screaming because I am not picking him up...oh the life :)

Hurricane Runners Club (HRC) said...

i love being a mom. right now i am threatening my kids that their two friends will have to go home if they can't get the mess cleaned up from the previous friend. i told the new friends to wait outside and the kids would come out when they were done, but the new friends decided to come on in and "help" clean the mess from the old friend after i closed the door and went upstairs. and as i write this is hear eliza say, "porter, lets just close the door so mama can't..." oh the joys.

Heidi said...

Your days are awesome. Today I sent my kids outdoors to play for like two hours because the weather's been nice. I even stuck the baby in his high chair and let him watch the hilarity.

I did all my dishes and swept the floor. I believe I refereed for the rest of the two hours.

Jill said...

This is why I no longer buy cheerios.
Have you thought of using duct tape?
Just a thought.

msjvd said...

You decided that full sentences are overrated? When you fully abandon grammar and spelling you will be ready for a writing career.

Angie Haugen said...

You are TOO funny. Thanks for brightening my day. I go through similar experiences every Wednesday morning ... I can't wait to go to my part-time job every afternoon for some peace and quiet!

Rising Rainbow said...

I agree about full sentences and capitalization being over rated. It's so much easier to impart character if grammar is sacrificed. I believe it's called style! LOL

amy said...

hear this and feel good: you are a housewife with several kids and i am a housewife with no kids, but i think you get more done in a day than i do.