22 January 2008

The Toilet Whisperer

Dear Mark of Boogie's Plumbing,

This is just a note to express our profound gratitude for your recent visit. My beloved Alex had reached the end of his wits and vocabulary while installing the new toilet. I could sense that he would soon be sinking into the depths of despair. And when he's in the depths of despair I feel it most keenly.

I feel that each dollar we paid for your brief stay probably prevented one profane word from flitting through Alex's mind and/or mouth. You are worth every penny. Not every man understands the subtle intricacies of plumbing and can whisper to a toilet, "Be whole," to successful results. You have a special gift, and we hope you realize that plumbers make the world a better place.

In your debt,

The Chamberlains and their Chamberpot


Queen Elizabeth said...

Wow - that almost left tears in my eyes! I feel the same way about plumbers... (Although my father-in-law is a "retired" plumber (onto another profession) and refuses to get his hands dirty for US - WHAT'S THE POINT if you can't help US?? ;)

Caesar Beezer The Wonder Dog said...

As Bill once said, I feel your pain...glad you got your plumbing issues resolved...we are in the midst of plumbing/bath issues...and all I can hear is the little "ching-ching" of my bank account emptying out! Thanks for posting the granola recipe - I'm going to make some this weekend -I've been dying for a good recipe and this sounds like it fits the bill! Nan

Nan said...

Oops! I must comment on my comment! I didn't know it would come up with Caesar Beezer The Wonder Dog! I'll try this again - I guess I entered the wrong thing...sorry!

Heidi said...

In our first house, my husband pulled the entire toilet up, replaced some stuff (I'm very technical) and then put it all back together.

I was so proud. I was like, "Oh, my word! You are USEFUL!"

Toilet-whisperers are useful people to have around.

Leisha said...

"Be whole..." Oh, that was good. I'm still chuckling.