11 January 2008

My Husband the Photographer

Alex took these photos of Grace face last night. It's very disenchanting to me that he is a much better photographer than I am. But I am not so jealous that I won't post these fabulous pictures. Don't her eyes just sparkle? She makes me sigh in happiness just to look at her. It totally looks like she is contemplating the solemnities of the eternities. She is actually just watching Meet the Robinsons.


Connie said...

Rowena, The entire blog is well done. All of the photos are magnificent and you have every bit as much talent as your husband. You were raised to be talented! I love the itinerary of a typical day in the life of a mother with two under-twos. It brought back memories and now I am glad that they are memories only. Ha Ha.Keep up the good work and keep the old chin up lovey-- you are doin a marvelous job and someday--in twenty years or so-- you'll be warmly thanked for it. Love, Mom

Susan Vilate said...

You're as good a photographer as Alex! Those pictures of me you took are beautiful! I didn't know I could look like that. You worked wonders. You have an eye for the artistic. Very creative. I love you!

champy said...

Yor huzbend kant taek fotos or sphel wurds! I kant stande himn! We have a Mom and a Dad who love us! You're just some dirty little orphan kid!