25 January 2008

Spoiled Starlet

I am beginning to feel quite certain that Grace is going to grow up thinking all she has to do is point and smile and whatever she wants will magically come to her.

A few days ago I was at Edward Jones on an errand, and she was pretty restless, so the receptionist gave her a pen (one of her favorite things) just because she is just so darn cute. This entertained her very well for several minutes.

Then, a couple of days ago I wasn't feeling well, so Alex went to the store with her to get some 7up for me just because he is so darn nice. She came back with a sucker, which some sweet checker had given her just because she is just so darn cute.

And yesterday while I was at the doctor's office she walked up to the reception desk, pointed at the cup of pens and said, "This? This?" So Wonder Woman at the front desk (that is her nick name because I can tell she does pretty much everything to keep the Dr.'s office running) obligingly offers Princess Grace yet another pen just because she just is so darn cute.

Truthfully, I can't blame any of these nice people, because when she walks up to me and tries to bore a hole in her cheek signing candy I can't help but think, "Oh, I had better give her some, because she is just so darn cute!"

If you want a book on this very theme of beauty and where it will get you, read Fairest by Gail Carson Levine. Levine also wrote Ella Enchanted, which I really liked. Fairest concerns a girl (Aza) who is not very beautiful by the standards of her society or by her own estimation. I liked this book for several reasons. First, the villain had more characteristics than consummate evil. The wicked queen was very human. Second, the main character comes to terms with her looks, which I think all women must do since we are generally our own worst critics. And third, the prince was charming, but he had big ears. It's nice to have a charming prince be just charming and not necessarily dashingly handsome as well. The book is juvenile fiction and can now be found at our local Hurricane Library in the children's side, since I returned it yesterday.


Amanda said...

Ok, so I still have never met Grace but she is still so darn cute, just through the pictures that you post.
(I know it has taken me awhile to leave a comment but I had to get over my feelings of inadequacy for not having a blog of my own!)

The Rookie said...

That is one cute little Grace.

I saw this book at B & N the other day and was tempted to add it to my classroom collection. With that review I think I might just do that. Thanks! :)

Dansie Family said...

i am going online right now to reserve the copy for myself. since it'll be a long while before i get eclipse.

Leisha said...

I started fumbling around for pens and lollies just looking at her picture! She's a doll!

msjvd said...

I think it's the yellow jumpsuit. She wears yellow very well. You always dress her in yellow, yes?

Susan Vilate said...

That's she is just so darn cute. Of course she is...she's a Chamberlain baby. We don't have ugly ones. Just ask Grandma and Grandpa (Grace's).