19 February 2008


Since I will be gaining another child in the spring, I have decided to give one of my blogs the ax. Cruel, heartless, unfeeling? Maybe. But have no fear. I will now just be posting my photoshop adventures here on my normal blog. Because this blog just isn't scatterbrained enough. So today, I would like to share a gift with you all, in honor of the occasion:

This is a desktop background for your viewing pleasure in 1920 by 1080 aspect ratio. I think you can just right-click on the image and "save as" something, and then right click on the file and set as desktop background. (If you are using a mac, heaven, or google, or husband, or tech geek from the apartment down the hall help you because I have no idea how to set a desktop background there.)

Here is the image SOOC, or straight out of camera.

To achieve the desktop background, I did the following:
Used the Sepia toning action, which comes standard with Photoshop as far back as 7.0, at least.
Merged the visible layers (Shift + Ctrl + E or Layers > merge visible).
Increased the contrast and brightness by going to Image > image adjustments > brightness & contrast.
Used the spotlight effect from Filter > render > lighting effects.
Faded the spotlight effect under Edit > fade effect, probably to about 25%.
Selected the border with a 25 pixel feather and created a new layer.
Painted the layer dark brown with the paint bucket, using a brown I had selected from the picture with the ink dropper.
Merged the visible layers again.
I also sized it to 1920 by 1080, so it would fit our computer.
And voila'.

Hope that wasn't too boring for my non-photoshopaholic friends.


Melissa said...

I want Photoshop, but I'm afraid I am not smart enough to work it. My brain just doesn't work well with aspect ratios and such... :S Maybe if you post more of it here, I'll figure it out... maybe...

Queen Elizabeth said...

OK, I'm thinking about getting Photoshop - is it worth it? It sounds very confusing. But I love love love the photo you posted so I'm torn!!!

Dansie Family said...

we have a basic photoshop and i have only done a few things with it. i changed porter'e head in our christmas card photo. that was fun. i am excited to see what you do with it and how you do it. you will be a much better tutorial than any adobe offers.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Queen Elizabeth, We love photoshop. But we are like the unofficial family photographers and not-so-in-the-closet shutterbugs, so we get a lot of use out of it. There are versions you can get for under $100.00, and if you just want the basics, that's a pretty good deal. CS3 is probably overkill for most people.

msjvd said...

Ugh! Thank heavens you posted a new word of the day. I simply couldn't take it anymore!!

Jen said...

Hey, it's a word of the whatever, so I feel no guilt in leaving one up for too long. And lugubrious was up there for less than 24 hours.

Leisha said...

I heart Photoshop!