22 February 2008

Basics of Photoshop

How to make a picture black and white:
Click on Image, then mode, then grayscale.
It will ask if you want to discard all color information. If you click “yes,” you cannot get your color information back unless you don't save the changes when you close the photo or throw the action in the trash from the history menu.

Colored pictures often go flat when turned black and white this way. To give your black and white photo more depth, click on Image, Adjustments, Brightness and Contrast, then increase the contrast, and maybe the brightness, too.

To highlight an entire picture or piece, hold Ctrl down and hit A.
To copy a highlighted item, push Ctrl and C at the same time.
To paste the highlighted item onto your page, push Ctrl and V at the same time.
To undo your most recent step, push Ctrl and Z at the same time.

If you do something that you would like to undo, and Ctrl Z doesn't go back far enough, you can drag the action from the History menu into the trash can below it. It's like repentance. Isn't that great?

Photoshop creates new layers with every different element you add to your page.
To make a drop shadow or add an effect to a particular layer, right click on that layer and choose blending options.

Tool bar
*If you hold the mouse over the tool bar, the tool's name will appear after a moment. If you right click on a tool, it will show other options for that particular tool.
marquee, highlights areas
move, drags only the highlighted layer
lasso, highlights in different shapes
clone stamp: Click on clone stamp. Hold Alt down on the spot you want to clone, then drag the stamp over the part to be covered.
magnifying glass

Tools such as clone stamp and paint brush can change shape and size up at the top of the screen.

If you want to skew or change the size of an image, you can push Ctrl and T at the same time. You can then drag the corners wherever you want them with the mouse. If you hold down the shift key while you drag a corner, it will maintain the aspect ratio, or in other words, the ratio of vertical to horizontal lines will stay the same.

When your page is complete, you can merge the layers by clicking on Layer, Merge visible.

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