18 February 2008

Culinary Personality Test

I have come up with a culinary personality test. Since baby brother came home from Oregon, we (using we loosely, since Alex's mom did all the work) participated in the tradition of preparing massive quantities of food for a large number of friends and relatives before the sacrament-meeting-in-which-you-speak- upon-returning-from-a-mission (not to be confused with homecomings, which are not strictly allowed anymore in very orthodox Mormon congregations).

As a woman who is very with it and prepared and on top of things in general, my mother-in-law cooked a large quantity of chicken pillows, which, while delicious, failed to be consumed in their entirety during the aforementioned well-attended luncheon. So we ate them for lunch and dinner yesterday. And since beloved relatives who live on the other side of the country are still in town, we visited for lunch today and ate . . . chicken pillows. Again. But I noticed that several family members subtly opted out of the pillows. And I wondered to myself, What category do I fit under? Am I a good sport, or am I Remy's brother from Ratatouille?

So which of the following categories best describes you?

Good Sport: I will eat chicken pillows for three meals in two days because they are delicious, nutritious, and cost me nothing in financial obligation or physical effort.

Conscientious Objector: I can in good conscience throw this food away or at least respectfully decline because there is no way these items could arrive at the home of the starving children in Africa before they go bad. And I would rather starve in Africa than eat another one.

Food Snob: Those were okay yesterday, but I'd really rather eat some smoked salmon on toasted rye with cream cheese and capers. Or Havarti, if there is any. Has anyone been to Costco lately?

Contentedly Oblivious
: Mmm, chicken pillows. I love these things. Please pass the delicious gravy! There are more salad and steamed vegetables, too? Bonus!

I think I'm somewhere between good sport and oblivious.

A chicken pillow can be made by doing the following: Mix cooked chicken, cream cheese, canned mushrooms, pepper, and onion powder for the filling. Then wrap them in dough (like canned crescent rolls or homemade roll dough), roll them in butter and stuffing (dry from a box) and bake them. Then drizzle gravy over them. The gravy is just a can of cream of chicken soup with a half can of milk mixed in it.


Susan Vilate said...

I was one of those who subtly opted out. I guess I'm a conscientious objector. Or maybe a food snob. I ate those darn things every day for about two weeks. I started out absolutely loving them, but after two weeks I really hated them. I did manage to eat one yesterday, though. That was enough for another few months.

Jill said...

I am probably in the good sport category.
Any food that I don't need to prepare myself works for me.

Jon & Angie Lewis said...

I'd have to say I vary between good sport and conscientious objector - I suppose it depends on what type of food & what day it is, though I would generally think myself to be a good sport.

Melissa said...

I vary between good sport and oblivious. Sometimes I eat and then wonder... what did I just put in my mouth? Sad, I know...

msjvd said...

Food Snob. S-N-O-B.

Think about it. Questions?

Heidi said...

ABSOLUTELY OBLIVIOUS! I eat and eat and eat until it's gone or growing mold.

No objection there!

Dansie Family said...

deep down i am a total snob. but snootiness won't stop me from eating free food as long as i am hungry (which is always).

by the way, what are chicken pillows?

Brittany said...

I think I am somewhere between Conscientious Objector and Food Snob. Oh dear. What does this say about me? I do like to eat what I want, especially lately. I love your posts. All of them.