01 February 2008

Hellooo Hugh Grant

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Thanks to my Austen Soul Sister Liz for the link. This was a fun quiz. I'll have to watch Sense and Sensibility again, which should be easy, since I'm finishing my laundry today.


Anonymous said...

i took it lol. somehow i made elizabeth bennet. apparently i "oftentimes find myself the lone beacon in a sea of ridiculousness" but i suppose we all feel like that dont we? haha -sammy:) p.s. i am happy though cuz i like her.

Anonymous said...

I could have told you that this was your man...as I seem to have quoted Maryann often enough to you..."Elenna ...you like him...you greatly esteem him...use those insipid words again and I will leave the room this instant!" I am just glad that like Elenna you had your happily ever after! I love you Jennsly!

Jen said...

Sammy, being the lone beacon in a sea of ridiculousness is simply the result of attending high school. But I'm glad to be Elizabeth Bennett's older sister.

msjvd said...

Again with the reading thing? Hmmmm. Nice Valentine's theme, Jen. ;)