27 February 2008

Old Testament Baby Shower

Maybe it was too late when we read scriptures last night, but these names from 1st Kings tickled my funny bone.

"Your baby is so cute! What did you name her?"



. . .

"Your baby is so cute! What did you name him?"

"Haggith. You know, like Haggis with a lisp."

. . .

Alex also pointed out that the same conversation could be had between the friend and the mother of Mahershaleelhashbaz. What is with these names? I guess they didn't have the SSA website where you can look up how normal a baby's name is. . . like, if it's ever been used once, in the last fifty or so years.

Maybe we could take a note. Maybe instead of Henry, we should name this son "Little-boy-who-liked-to-kick-his-mother- really-hard-while-in-utero." I'm sure his kindergarten teacher won't mind working with him on spelling that one.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Love it. I am so thrilled that you are naming your baby a "normal" name AND that you are SPELLING it normal!!! I'm sorry but there is a horrible trend out in those parts to name a child "Henry" and then spell it "Phen'nrie" or something psycho. That drives me batty. :)

Heidi said...

Oh, I love the name Henry! What a great choice.

I hate how when you are still pregnant people are like, "What are you going to name your baby?" and then they are like, "Oh, I don't like that at all." If your baby were born, they would never say that. They'd just say, "What an interesting name!"

And I love the word of the whatever. Aplomb is a beautiful word, and the homage to Kenny was SO touching.

Melissa said...

Dear friend - go here : http://badbabynames.blogspot.com/
Laugh... a lot...

Leisha said...

Awww...I love the name Henry.

I just found out today that our foster son's brother has the SAME NAME!!!? As in one is "Huckleberry, Jr." and "Huckleberry, III"


Jon & Angie Lewis said...

That would be interesting - I have a hard time with extremely different names - my little nephew was named Sesh Samuel Messersmith - say that one 5 times fast. Good thing the poor kid doesn't have a lisp. I definitely agree that simple names with normal spelling are the way to go!

Connie said...

Wow, I cannot believe you got a comment from the Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so impressed.
Personally , I like those really hard to say Scottish names like,
1. Comyn
2. Mael
3. Giric and Utred.Nevertheless, Henry is a good English name and we can all say it, so I vote we keep it. Love,Mom

Susan Vilate said...

Haha! You and Alex are a perfect match! Your brains work in slightly mysterious ways. I love it! I dare you to name your son Mahershalalhashbaz, or what ever it was.

Jill said...

We should have named our kids

#1. "Couldn't walk for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy due to the fact that he was sitting directly on my sciatic nerve"

#2. "Laying sideways so I couldn't"

#3. Toss up between "Dances all night", and "Indoor soccer player"

#4. "Heartburn"

Jules said...

And isn't it nice that we don't live in ancient Greece. They had really special names too... like Aeschylus, Epaphroditos, or Theophylactos.