09 February 2008

Sparkling Stars of Bloggy Brilliance

I would like to thank my friend Heidi, who is a sparkling star of Blog brilliance for the following award, which was given on a particularly good day for receiving awards, since I had started reading a book that made me cry three times already.
This was my very first blog award, and it might have made me cry also, if I hadn't already been crying for joy over the fact that I had just found out that Alex was coming home that night, rather than the next night as previously planned in his work schedule. It's been a very emotional week, actually. I'm pretty sure I have reached the threshold of the glorious weepy and uncomfortable third trimester.

To add to the list of happy things that happened during my emotional afternoon yesterday, my friend Elizabeth brought some yummy cranberry bread roll stuff over. And that was serendipitous because I would like to give her with this self-same award, because the treat made my day, and all her mouthwatering posts make my days, too.

I would also like to give the award to my friend the childless housewife, whose posts always make me laugh. I also feel that her vocabulary is at genius level, thus meriting the award, whereas my blog vocab was at high school level last time I checked. That's got to be good for something.

And last but not least, my dear sisters-in-law of Tilby Tales and Susan Vilate fame, who also make me laugh. It is unfortunate that one is married to a famous rock star/fabulous musician, or else she wouldn't have to have her blog be private. (Actually, I'm just assuming there. It could also be because she is so beautiful and talented and doesn't want everyone who comes by her blog to start stalking her. Or because her son is so cute and she doesn't want him to start getting recognized on the streets as a child superstar.) Anyhow, you can check out Susan Vilate, who currently reaps the benefits of the same English program I took over at our local High School.

Heidi would be at the top of this list, too, if she hadn't already received this prestigious award. I once again offer my sincere gratitude. And now, I must away to help my small child with her wheelbarrow. A mother's work is never done.


Dansie Family said...

Thank you so much for the award. There are so many who made this a reality for me. First, you for lending me the firewire and helping us figure out how to make the video, American Gladiators and NBC for motivating me to make the video, my friend Elizabeth for posting the recipe for the Cranberry Swirl Bread, and Chefs Morgan and Butikofer at BYU dining services for teaching me how to cook. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Heidi said...

You deserve every bit of it. I especially love your mad PhotoShop skills.

Susan Vilate said...

Thanks Jen! You just made my day! I love you!

Charlie said...

Hi. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Thanks for the comment on my blog. As I told Heidi, I find the internet something of a bore these days, so any time I find something that entertains me and makes me laugh I try to hold on to it...

amy said...

i am glad you like my blog because i just did that "readability test" thing and discovered, after three unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct URL, that my blog is at a junior high reading level.

i am devastated ;)

in other news, i am glad you are planning to check out jami's blog. her children are fat and delightsome and i am pretty sure that if you two lived in the same place you would be famous friends.

also, i just yesterday spoke with another friend who delivered naturally on January 25 and described the experience as a deeply sacred ordinance and indicated that, although the physical aspect was a challenge, it was profound, empowering, and intensely valuable.

thanks for sayin i made your day. that was all kinds of nice to hear, 'specially from you.