10 February 2008

Things that Fill my Heart with Dread

1. The prospect of the last trimester of pregnancy, which includes the following delightful features:
-inability to roll over without making sound effects and rocking back and forth to gain momentum
-frequent nocturnal trips to the bathroom
-discomfort while standing, sitting, laying down, driving, walking, breathing in and out, etc.
-frequent episodes of weeping that are induced by things such as running out of toilet paper, having to pick up one too many crayons, reading The Wednesday Letters, reading the newspaper, breathing in and out, etc. Why do I wear mascara right now? I don't really know anymore.
-extreme paranoia that Henry will be born early
-extreme desire for Henry to be born early

2. The prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the presidency. For the record, I , the former secretary of the BYU College Republicans (it was a shallow year for secretarial candidates), am currently considering voting for Obama or not at all for lack of better options. I still have to read some more on this matter, but if Heidi is voting for him, well, there must be something there.

3. Viewing my rear end in the mirror when wearing anything other than a tent-shaped dress which leaves it indistinguishable.

4. Too much quiet when the two-year-old nephew and daughter are together in the other room.

5. That horrible moment when I realize it is time to clean the really old leftovers out of the fridge because I am running out of tupperware. (The horror!)

6. Poverty, disease, hunger, breast cancer, soggy cheerios.

7. The three to five months of sleep deprivation I will endure beginning at or around the 24th of April.

I guess I'd better stop there, or I might start weeping yet again. I'd really hate to run out of mascara before tomorrow.


Jessi said...

Why am I smiling after reading this list? Maybe because it's SO NICE to hear someone express sympathies so close to your own. Ditto to all of the above.

Jill said...

Oh how I remember those days.
I once burst into unconsolable tears when I was trying to peel potatoes, and couldn't find the darn vegetable peeler.
As for #5..don't do it! Get someone else to clean out the frige and then go buy yourself some disposable gladware. That way, when the leftovers get yucky you can just toss the whole thing and you don't need to smell anything.
Hang in there!

Heidi said...

Unfortunately, none of the candidates can do anything about not being able to roll over in the night while in your third trimester.

Although I would vote for whoever could make me sleep peacefully for those last three months, Republican, Democrat, or Green Party!

Leisha said...

Oh, I loved that...especially all of the conflicting sentiments. I have those all the time (i.e. not wanting the baby to come early, but wanting the baby to come early...)

I'm so fretful about the election right now too.

And of quiet 2 year olds (who hack up irreplaceable cloth dolls with scissors when left alone for 2.4 seconds flat.)

well, good luck with all of that. wish i had more comforting words =)

Jon & Angie Lewis said...

I agree whole-heartedly. Good luck - feel free to weep, vent, and do whatever else makes you feel as good as is humanly possible right now...

Melissa said...

Soggy Cheerios are also on my list of dreadful things... but Mrs. Clinton just fills my entire being with dread... forget my heart!!

Nic said...

In light of the other six comments that have been posted I feel a bit like the man who has just walked in to listen to a Sunday Relief Society lesson. My gender makes me vastly unqualified to comment on any gestational issue at hand. However, (and true to male form and habit when a good pregnancy discussion is occurring) may I make a political comment? (Oh boy, here he goes)
To the past secretary of the College Republicans I say...don't jump ship just yet.
When "the true conservative" candidate" dropped out I also considered Obama. I felt like a lesson must be taught to the Republicans (specifically the evangelicals) who had the audacity to abandon true conservatism. However, the thoughts of Dalin H. Oaks came to mind. He said, in effect, that compromise is a reality of politics and that we should not give up on the process just because our ideas, in their purest form, are not adopted by the masses. McCain, while not conservative enough, still does not stand for the greater socialization of health care, increased governmental participation in schools, complete amnesty for illegal immigrants along with an unenforced border, further governmental encumbrance of business, federal encroachments on states' rights, and generally larger government. Obama is for all of these Democratic ideas. I haven't even mentioned the social and foreign policy issues which, though important, have been done to death. So, yes, fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd are ruining our party but politics is an art and not a science. No matter what anyone says, from Athens to Washington, politics has never been about perfection. Rather, it has always been a dirty, messy process where the least evil idea or candidate is what must be chosen.

Thank you for giving me a place to vent. I don't get to do it very much. I will now go back to priesthood.


P.S. -Chocolate cake quote: Matilda (one of the best movie scenes ever, by the way)
-Sicilian death on the line quote: Princess Bride