06 March 2008

Becoming Jane

I just saw this movie. I recommend it without inhibition to anyone who loves Jane Austen, which constitutes approximately 7 out of 10 female English majors from my experience. I was in a secondary education class for English teachers at school, when the teacher asked us to pick a character from literature that we thought we were most like. I chose Iago from Othello. First, I chose him because I had studied Othello in three different classes in the previous two years and was studying it yet again that semester. I had Othello over, under, on, in, around, above and through the brain. Second, I chose him for his determination to fight for what he wanted. And third, I chose him just to be contrary and original because I am insecure sometimes and wanted attention. 7 of 10 (that's a guess) of the rest of the females in the class chose Elizabeth Bennett as their literary soul sister.

But I digress. (I like to digress just so I can say that's what I was doing.) I cried my face off in the enjoyable way I did when I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I really loved this film, in spite of the gratuitous view of James McAvoy's backside as he jumped in a river for a bathe after a rousing game of cricket. And also in spite of its lack of actual historical fact.

My sister and I both think the first twenty minutes or so should have been rated PG-13, but other than that, we agreed with the PG rating. Anyway, if you love Ms. Austen as I do and have missed this film, you should remedy the situation immediately. Then call me, and I'll blather on about why I loved it, and you can tell me why you loved it.


Dansie Family said...

of course i loved it and tom hated it. i watched twice in one weekend. i was a tiny bit uncomfortable during a couple of scenes with my 14-year-old niece in the room.

tom's comment at the end when i said "hey let's watch pride and prejudice now" was the best. "didn't we just watch it and sense and sensibility"

I loved the dresses.

my newest fave movie is Elizabeth: the Golden Age. REALLY loved those costumes.

Leisha said...

Dying to see it...I think I get to pick the movie next date night...guess my husband is doomed!

The Rookie said...

I liked this myself. Count me as one of those 7 out of 10. Although, I too would have selected Iago or, perhaps, Eveline from James Joyce's Dubliners or something...just so that I could seem more sophisticated and like a slightly more "edgy" English Major.

I too, like digressing.

msjvd said...

I did not love this movie.

I think the first 30-45 minutes should have been rated "Z," as in PLEASE WAKE ME SO I CAN TURN THIS SNOOZEFEST OFF.

This is not historically accurate. This movie does not show Ms. Austen to be a great heroine of love. It shows her to be somewhat materialistic. And James McAvoy's derriere is singularly unappealing.

This movie was the type of thing that very young, first-time Austen readers might enjoy if they were marooned on an island having nothing but "Ishtar," and "Heaven's Gate" and the 4 "Lethal Weapon" movies to watch.

In which case, I would watch "Ishtar" a couple times more for good measure.

It was poorly written, badly acted, and altogether not well done.

Which coming from someone who owns both three versions of "P&P" on dvd, is something of a statement, isn't it?

Here's another: BLECH!

champy said...

Hey, you're not allowed to disagree with me! The temerity. I declare!


Jen said...

That last comment was me, not Alex.

Brittany said...

Every time we get to a redbox, this movie is all gone. It must be very good. We check every time though and one of these times, I'll get to see it. (We refuse to spend more than a dollar on a rental.)

Pippilotta said...

I love this movie, too. It was interesting to see something from the life of Jane Austen.

I love the movie "Pride and Prejudice" with Keira Knightley.

Perhaps I have seen it 10 or more times, and it is one of my favourite movies.