20 March 2008

Coloring a Black and White Photo

I figured out a new photoshop trick. All by myself! I didn't learn it from Alex or the Pioneer Woman. Can you tell this is a proud moment? I was thinking about making a picture turquoise instead of black and white for decorating purposes in my room. I'm not so sure about the result, but I thought I would share this important skill in case anyone else needs it:

If you right click on the brush tool in photoshop, it offers you the pencil tool or the color replacement tool. So I clicked on that brush and gave it a large diameter to minimize the dragging over the picture. Then you just pick a color and drag the brush all over your picture. I used the ink dropper to steal a turquoise from another picture, because it's difficult to get a good turquoise just out of the paint bucket options. If you have questions, just email me at jbramall at yahoo dot com.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I need to get photoshop... sigh... I like the way it turned out!