25 March 2008

Miley's Maile

This is a doll quilt / pillow sham I just finished for my sister's niece. My sis appliqued the leafy part (the hard part of the project), so the whole thing is for my niece-in-law once removed? (I really don't know how the whole "removal" thing works, but it sounds okay.) The pattern is called a maile wreath, and is for a girl named Miley. (Miley and Maile rhyme, if you were wondering). Miley's mom lived in Hawaii, and this is a small block example of Hawaiian quilting style. Normally, though, one would hand quilt the design of leaf veins, and then an outline every inch or so spreading out from the central pattern. I just did the lazy girl machine quilt method, due to time restraints and my late pregnancy tired state.

Hawaiians always have a big luau to celebrate their children's first birthday, so Miley will receive this for her first birthday this weekend.

(Were there enough parenthesis for you? I can always throw in a few more.)


Queen Elizabeth said...

Fabulous quilting! (And I love parenthesis too!!!)

Leisha said...

So beautiful! I love the rhyming thing!

It's Just me! said...

That is darling! I am so impressed that you did it so late in your pregnancy. I managed to get up and go to bed at that point and that's all! heehee!

Dansie Family said...

i love it. so i just found out my sister-in-law is having a boy. so i need some advice on her tumbling blocks quilt.

Melissa said...

It looks awesome!! What a fun project!

Heidi said...

One of my students my first year was named Maile. I have loved that name ever since. She was a nice girl and never one single ounce of trouble. One name I will never like: Breanne.
Don't ask.

Beautiful job, as always!

Jill said...

Very pretty!
A long time ago, I bought a book with Hawaiian quilting patterns. I thought they looked like they would be fun to make until I read the detailed instructions. After that I just looked at the pretty quilt pictures in the book.

I am also amazed that you did this in your current state of pregnantness.
What kind of machine do you have?
Have you heard of the Bernina stitch regulator for quilting? It's amazing!

Jen said...

I just got a Bernina for Christmas. I absolutely adore it. I was sewing on a Brother from Walmart before, and it was a good machine, but the Bernina is a dream come true.

Do you have the regulator? I should look into it. I've been hand-quilting most stuff lately, but I'd like to get into more machine quilting.

Angie Lewis said...

Wow, I'm impressed...I've never quilted anything before, just tied them (that's the really lazy way).