03 March 2008

Public Enemy #1

I'd like to introduce my new nemesis: the remote control for our bedroom ceiling fan. We were all excited to find a kit that turns ceiling fans into remotely controllable items on our Saturday trip to Lowe's Home Improvement Superstore. Alex endured the installation of kit and new fan without swearing, which was a great feat. We were delighted with the new light it sheds on our bedroom. I was even excited about our ability to turn the light and fan on and off without getting up. Such ability is a great boon to a pregnant woman of my size.

Then, when we went to bed, it happened. (Cue B-Horror film music) My dear Alex, whom I love with all my heart, turned into a twelve-year-old boy (without the bad smell) who had to turn the fan to every level and watch it change to the correct speed. He also turned the light on and off. And on and off. And on and off.

Innocent voice, "Oh, were you reading honey? Well, I'll just turn the light back on."

I turn my lamp on. He turns the light off.

More honeyed innocence: "Oh, I'm going to read now. I guess I'll just turn the light back on."

And so it went two nights ago and last night. Until (mwa ha ha ha) I discovered, while Alex was already in bed, that I can turn the light and fan off at the switch, rendering the remote control entirely useless. Ha ha! He was very disgruntled.


Leisha said...

Would you believe all our fans have remotes and we haven't taken them off the wall once to use them? We still get up to adjust the fan? Your way sounds more fun, lol.!!!

Melissa said...

BWAHAHAHA!! I LOVE IT! That is something my Hubby would have done too... glad you found a way to stop it ;)

amy said...

during the spring term that kate kelly and i lived in hawaii, we had a remote controllable fan, too. it, tragically, nearly ended our relationship. her body was not up to the task of keeping itself warm through the night, no, not even in a tropical clime. mine, on the other hand, was more than up to the challenge. each night i fell asleep under the cool relief of the fan, only to wake at dawn the next morning, pooled in my own sweat and unable to locate the remote (the only means of operating the fan). kate slept soundly. later she confessed that each night after i fell asleep, she would turn off the fan and hide the remote. she also referred to the blissful breezes of the fan as "arctic blasts". i think we know which of us was the crazy roommate.

Jon & Bridget said...

That is so funny. My parents just put a fan in their bedroom and my dad had to check every level of speed and turn the lights on and off. Must be a guy thing :) How are you feeling?

Jen said...

Bridget, I'm feeling large at the moment, and mildly uncomfortable, but I'm sure I'll be wishing for these days again in a few months. Thanks!

Jules said...

LOL. I loved the post. I'm still smiling.

What is it with men/boys and electronics. My husband loves these things. His favorite stores? Can you guess? Home Depot and anything with electronics in its name.

Thanks for visiting and go back if you have a chance because on Sunday's posting there's a link to a contest (not mine 'cause I'm poor) and $$$ to be won. Which is a good thing, right? As opposed to... um... no money!!

Just Because

Dansie Family said...

i have that same problem with my kids.

laceeJ said...

I have the same setup in my bedroom, however, since our family loses remotes quite frequently, we decided that it permanently stays on the wall. Whatever happened to the technology of "the clapper"? LOL