11 March 2008

To My Dear Friend. . .

Dear Kitchen Floor,

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your strength. I am daily amazed by your ability to hold up under the ever-present burden of cheerios, rice, milk, juice, ramen noodles, and every other conceivable thing I place on Grace's tray.

I treasure your brief interludes of cleanliness after having been mopped. Although these interludes last only until shortly after Grace awakens, they are moments that fill my heart with gladness. The orange-scented air rests as peacefully as my conscience after having mopped you. I only wish that I could muster the will to unsmudge you more often.

While I am deeply grateful that you so easily let go of the gunk that so frequently finds you, I feel it necessary to inform you that rough times lie ahead. Soon there will be another mess-maker, who will in all likelihood spit up all over you many times per day, and probably during the ungodly hours of the night, too. I hope that your good-natured patience will continue through this trying time, and that you will arise from the gallons of regurgitated milk as a vibrant and stronger floor in spite of these challenges.

You are the ground beneath my feet, ever present, steady, holding me up.

Yours truly,

Jen, the occasional mopstress


msjvd said...

You really do treasure the life's little victories, don't you?

Leisha said...

Amen! I can hardly muster the strength to keep my floor clean, it just hardly seems worth it...and yet seeing that gleaming tile floor makes my brain calm down so much! Note to self: In next life be super rich and have live-in maid (who I never see or hear, but who keeps my floor clean!)

Susan Vilate said...

Haha! That's great! Your blog is just so incredibly entertaining! I love to read it. I sure wish I could write like you. You're amazing. Loves!