14 April 2008

Last Month of Joy

I have had enough late pregnancy joy, so please forgive a brief (or not so brief) vent. . .

I spill every liquid within a three foot radius of myself. Grace is very sympathetic and says, "It's okay," which makes me glad that I have said that to her when she spilled in the past.

I am doing lots of other clumsy things, too, but I can't even rant about them because my memory is broken and now I sit to blither and blather about them they won't come. I washed my hair twice on Saturday. Not because it was dirty, but because I forgot that I had already washed it! I figured out that it was the second round when the shampoo foamed up ridiculously fast.

Poor Alex thinks I am not listening to him sometimes because it takes me so long to think of the word I am trying to say.

I left my beloved rotary cutter somewhere last week, and it has yet to return unto me. My rotary cutter just seems to be the very secret to my contented housewifeliness, and it is so absolutely horrible to not know precisely where it is.

I said I wasn't going to plant a garden. Then I went to Mike and Irene's Greenhouse to shoot pictures of these fabulous roses, and I thought, Oh, I'll just get a few tomato plants while I'm here. So I planted them, and they just looked so lonely. So I planted watermelon, strawberries, peppers, and okra. Just so the stupid tomatoes wouldn't be lonely. Maybe my brain in general is broken, not just my memory. Don't ask me what was wrong with my thinking, because I really don't know.

On a happy note, Miss Grace has given me the gift of taking a three-hour nap on my birthday. Sleep cannot be overrated at this stage of pregnancy.


Angie Lewis said...

Does that mean today is your birthday? If so, happy birthday! Yes, the end of pregnancy is definitely the worst...I feel for you, as I was there myself only a few short months ago. Please feel free to vent any time you want...it'll definitely make you feel better!

Leisha said...

I love the pretty header pic! Nice! Happy gestating...you are almost there! Happy belated b-day!

Jill said...


That is the best present EVER!

Happy Birthday!

msjvd said...

And thank you for giving ME a great gift!

I just downloaded that rose picture to use as the background on my computer.

I may email it to myself to have it everywhere. :)

Dansie Family said...

happy birthday! i am sorry the rotary cutter hasn't shown up yet. i am sure it will. sorry you didn't get the birthday present you wanted the most, but that means i am still in the running to win the contest. the full moon is coming up.

The Rookie said...

Happy Birthday! A 3 hour nap sounds divine...too bad Madame Rotary Cutter couldn't join you!

I hate to imagine what pregnancy will do to me because I am currently absent-minded enough. I hate cleaning for the mere fact that I'll take one item out of a room and put it in its place only to discover something in the next room I should move and so the cycle continues and no room ever gets entirely clean. Is that ADD?

Jen said...

I'm glad the rose pic was well-received. It was one of my faves.

I feel certain the rotary cutter will eventually return to me. It's just one of those burdens I guess I'll have to bear until then.

Rookie, no way is that ADD. It's totally normal. (At least I think so, and I'm the standard by which normalcy is rated, right?)

michelle said...

Happy belated b-day!! I can SO relate to your absentmindedness, and I'm sorry to say that after 2 kids it doesn't return to you after you give birth-IT JUST GETS WORSE!!
I hope little Henry makes his appearance soon for you!