18 April 2008

Late Pregnancy Tips

Dear Self,

Here are some helpful hints for next time you are enjoying late pregnancy:

* Take a picture of those swollen feet. When they look wrinkly and old you'll be grateful that they once resembled those of a very fat two-year-old.

* Don't try to remember anything. It won't work. However, you can make lots of lists of things to do. It will make you feel productive and organized even though you will forget where the lists are and will not do any of the things on them. These lists can then give you a source of hilarious entertainment later when you discover all the things you thought you would get done in the day.

* Hire a nice maid to do the laundry for you. Then you can take fifty relaxing hot baths per day and not have to worry about the laundry you are creating.

Any other helpful hints would be appreciated. Many occur to me daily, but of course, I can't remember them now that I am sitting down to write them.

Still no baby.


Brittany said...

Henry is taking his time. Maybe he'll be a really relaxed, layed-back, easy little boy. I love the lists. I do that too. Lots of lists. Ryan makes fun of me. Oh well. I've seem him make a few when he's stressed lately.

Queen Elizabeth said...

I think that prego women (past 4 or 5 months) should get handicapped parking passes. It is so hard to move.

Pregnancy and I don't mix well. Hang in there and best of luck!

Angie Lewis said...

I made my hubby give me a foot massage every night...it felt great on those horribly swollen feet and cankles! Good luck...there is a light at the end of the tunnel (even if the tunnel seems really long right now)!

Dansie Family said...

feel good about sitting and watching oprah or reading a good book with your feet up all day and leaving all the dirty dishes in the sink and no dinner on the table; you're a week from having a baby after all.

The Rookie said...

Memory is highly overrated. As are shapely feet. Here's to nudging that boy along.

As for a maid of the laundering variety...would you please send her my way when she's done at your place? I think the old laundry pile might be harboring a few sherpas at this point.

Jill said...

I very much agree with Queen Elizabeth about the parking places. I do know of a few stores around here that have special pregnant parkng places. When I was pregnant with Max, I would go to those stores, just because of the fact that they were "pregnant women friendly".
Sleep. I say just get as much sleep as you can.
However, that laundry thing sounded like a good idea. Maybe the maid can also whip you up a big old chocolate cake in between loads.

Heidi said...

Pregnant women should also eat MORE chocolate than non-pregnant women. And if it dribbles out of your mouth on to your maternity shirt, well, no one should say anything. Unless they want to get yelled at.

That's all I'm saying.

Hey It's Di said...

I'm sorry that you are "enjoying" late pregnancy:( I seemed to drag my pregnancies out for 42 weeks and that is NO FUN! I hope you can quit enjoying this great fun soon & move onto the "new baby enjoyment":)

Leisha said...

Get swollen feet rubbed...doesn't that get labor started? Or is that an old wive's tale? Or did I just make that all up?

I like Bath and Bodyworks Brown Sugar and Fig lotion rubbed deep into my sole's....very soothing! Your feet can never be too moisturized for delivery!

Melissa said...

I hate the waiting game - but I love your lists! Sounds like you need a good book or two to keep you company right now!

Jen said...

All these suggestions are so helpful! I definitely should be able to eat all the chocolate I want and dribble it all over my shirt. I dribble everything on my shirt!

And Alex is all over the foot rubbing. He's the best.

And I'm reading Jane Eyre, but it's going very slowly because my brain is in a mild fog.