04 April 2008

The Many Faces of Alex

This is my handsome spouse, Alex. We had to take a portrait of him for a work-related purpose, and fortunately for me--and you--I got to know him even better, because he shared his many personalities in front of my camera.

This is his serious side.

His sultry side.

His hard-body side. The biceps are the reason I married him, of course.

His Mad-eye Moody side. Grace inherited this superpower and frequently demonstrates it while eating. I feel certain they would both make excellent dark wizard catchers.

His fun-loving side. When he smiles a little less and raises one eyebrow, that is also his GQ model face. (He poses for them a lot.)

His shy demure side. I'm glad I could share the many faces of my beloved with you. I don't know how long this post will remain up, since he has access to the posts on this blog and that shy demure side might rear its head. But enjoy while you can!


Susan Vilate said...

That's hilarious!

Jon & Bridget said...

Those are great pictures! lol He has always been the one to make people laugh. Glad to see he still has that trait after all these years. Have you heard anything about a 10 year reunion? Do you know who would be in charge of it? Just wondering. Hope all is well. :)

Queen Elizabeth said...

Love it!

Angie Lewis said...

This post was great - Mad Eye Moody was my favorite :)

Dansie Family said...

cute. i am surprised it is still up.

Leisha said...

So funny! You snagged yourself a good one there, googly eye and all!

Melissa said...

Those are too funny! :D

The Rookie said...

Mad Eye Moody. Now THAT is true talent!

I'm assuming, of course, that you chose the final photo for work. It would only be professional.