07 April 2008

My Blog, My Pensieve

I really enjoyed General Conference this weekend. M. Russell Ballard's talk was my favorite. I felt so completely shocked when he started talking about motherhood. The man has been blathering about missionary work for years now, and I was so taken off guard by this topic coming from him that my eyes sprung leaks which didn't quit draining until half-way through his talk.

I think the reason I liked his talk the most was that my knee-jerk reaction was to wonder if I was doing okay as a mother. And when I thought about it, I wasn't disgusted with myself. He mentioned not wasting time on the internet. I admit that I had a stint of excessive interest in the blog world, but since then I have found that my blog is my pensieve. I use it to write down, collect, and examine my thoughts on life, the universe, and motherhood. I find myself looking for the humor in everyday situations much more than I did previously. When he mentioned the mother who wished she remembered more about her childrens' early years, I thought "ha ha!" I may forget, but I have it recorded.

I was a great journaler before I got married, and then I just sort of stopped. But since starting this little outlet, I have once again chronicled the important aspects of our existence, such as Grace's odd sleeping habits, the sensations of endless cheerio-cleaning-upping, and Alex's incessant thievery of the covers. Who wouldn't find all of these items of interest fascinating?

So thanks, Elder Ballard. Mothers are often unsung heroes, and it was nice to hear your song.

PS. I'm pretty sure I'm too young to go through the change. So are all of these hot flashes late-pregnancy related? I don't remember having them last time, but then, there are many, many things I don't remember, so that doesn't say much, does it?


Angie Lewis said...

I loved this talk as well! I loved when he described himself with his 6 kids on the bench in church as his wife watched from a distance...I laughed aloud picturing it! I also thought of blogging when he mentioned the internet...I think I could be a little more productive sometimes, but I do feel good about myself as a mother overall.

As for hot flashes in late pregnancy, YES! They certainly do come...I remember keeping the windows open every night in September and October and my poor husband would be an icicle - bundled up in blankets and sweats, while I had no covers on at all...good luck!

Queen Elizabeth said...

Agreed 100% on Eld. Ballard's talk. AMEN and AMEN!!!

Dansie Family said...

i am failing in the wasting time on internet and tv, but his talk has inspired me to be better. i am going to spend less time with the junk and more time with the gospel. then hopefully i will be a more cheerful mom.

i am lucky to have a husband who does all four of the things that elder ballard suggested husbands do. yea for me!

Melissa said...

Elder Ballards Talk was fabulous! I kept poking my kids and hubby saying "are you listening?" :)

Anonymous said...

This was also my favorite talk. Close following it was President Monson's closing remarks. I like seeing the "other" side of our leaders.

The Rookie said...

I thought it a beautiful and needed talk as well, and I'm not even a mother...yet. I think it was the nurturing/teacher side of me that responded, nonetheless.