16 April 2008


People keep asking if I am having any sudden energy bursts or nesting urges. I think the nesting urge is manifesting itself in a sewing kick, because I do all sewing in Henry's room.

This is a change from the Grace-shrine attitude I had when pregnant with our first. It is funny what already having a child has done to me. Oh, there's plenty of room for my sewing machine and Alex's camera stuff and a large pile of miscellaneous fabric and projects. And the ironing board and iron. He'll be so little, he won't even notice.

But I digress. Simplicity 7229. That is the pattern for the skirt above, which took less than two hours to cut and finish. I recommend it for anyone new to clothing construction. I just love the fabric and think I just might make another one of those skirts before the week is out. I have a lot of time on my hands because when waiting to give birth, time slows down to approximately 1/27th of its normal pace. That's just an approximation. It may in fact be slower.

PS, if you live in town here, don't go buy the pattern. I'd be happy to lend it, because I know you'll only need it for two hours. Ha ha.


Heidi said...

Wow. Even Simplicity 7229 won't be enticing me to drag out my sewing machine. I save that baby for when my mom comes and works on my projects for me. You are clearly a better woman than most.

Angie Lewis said...

That is so cute...definitely looks like I should invest in the pattern and some cute fabric. What type of fabric did you use for it?

Dansie Family said...

cute skirt. now you need to borrow my sling so you can make one of your own for little henry. or maybe i should make you one. i'll just have to wait until tiny J gets over the bug he has.

Leisha said...

Totally cute skirt! Maybe I will sew someday...maybe for my grandchildren...lol.

The Rookie said...

Such a cute skirt--I love the material! You are so talented: cooking, sewing, photography.

I switched my minor from Theater to History because I didn't want to sew for one of my classes. Okay, that was a hyperbolic statement...but it did impact my decision.