22 April 2008


Still no baby. I know you were all wondering. I know I am wondering. Survey sounds like Friday or Saturday, since two of my aunts had their first sons on the day before their sisters' birthdays. How's that for confusing?

Since my sense of humor diminishes by the day, I will post a dinner calendar (which I hope will be thwarted by a birth soon.)

Chicken and Rice
Ham Fried Rice
Waffles, Oranges, and Bacon
Lasagna, Rolls, Salad
Soup & Sandwiches
Crockpot Chicken and Vegetables.

By the way, I made the ham asparagus strata from pg. 273 of Better Homes and Gardens. I have drooled over the picture by that recipe for a long time. I hated it. I will be throwing away an entire pan minus two servings.

Don't you hate wasting food like that? I hate it, but I'd rather throw it away than pad my waist with nasty food. If I'm going to gain weight, I want it to be chocolate or yummy food induced.
And it's not like I can put that pan in the mail to send to the poor children in Africa. Guilt is optional. That's my motto.

If you want something yummy to make, throw together a trifle. Berries seem to be on sale, and we had a strawberry trifle for my birthday. It was delectable. My sister made another one yesterday, which was also delectable. Anything to distract for the ninety-minute hours we are currently experiencing is very worth the trouble of slicing pounds of strawberries.


Nan said...

Guilt is optional?!?! Oh my gosh - if only I'd known that sooner! I think I'm going to have to adopt your motto!! Still no baby huh? Oh well, more time to eat Trifle...which sounds amazing and I might just have to make one myself - now that I know guilt is optional, where's the harm in digesting a few hundred more calories?!?

laceeJ said...

Well, you could hold off until May 8th (my b-day) You might have an "over-cooked" baby boy, though! I think the 24th would be great! How's that for an order? :) P.s. I'll add you to my blog as soon as I "privatize" it! :) Good luck, and may the force of epidurals be with you!

The Rookie said...

I don't think I should read this blog while hungry.

Sorry still no baby.

Melissa said...

Trifles are fantastic! I made one while my family was here... chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Nothing wrong with that at all!
I think you should have another trifle... can you think of a better way to go into labor than whilst eating a divine dessert???

Heidi said...

"ninety-minute hours"--oh, how well you've captured that feeling of ninth month pregnancy!

Leisha said...

Trifle, he-he, it reminds me of that episode of friends where the pages of the cookbook stick together and Rachel adds carrots, meat and onions to the berry trifle and Joey ate it anyway.

I vote Saturday, it sounds like a nice day to have a baby!

Angie Lewis said...

Hey, I like the new look - it's lovely! Good luck with the baby...I keep checking for an update...the end is always the hardest part!

Dansie Family said...

trifle is my all time favorite dessert. but i always make berry trifle. i need to try the chocolate one.

so i talked to you m-i-l and she said you were at the hospital. hip hip! i hope the baby came. hooray!

thanks for the dinner ideas. i'll have to be brining you one soon. i won't make it a repeat.

Jill said...

Guilt is optional. Love it!

Sorry the baby isn't here yet. However, you've made it this far, could you hold out until Sunday? The 27th was my guess;0)

The trifle looks yummy!