19 June 2008

Happy to Be Here

This is my niece Sadie, and my Grace. I call this picture "Happy to Be Here."

Recent conversation between Sadie and my sister, her mother:
S- "Mom, we should have Grace over more often. She is so cute."
E- "Yeah, that's true hon."
S- "Mom, I'm serious. Grace is so cute. She might even be cuter than me."

I totally agree that Grace is a cutie. The other day Grace was being quiet (cue horror film music) in Henry's room, so we quickly grabbed her. When we checked back to assess the damage, we saw the following evidence of her guilt:

Still swinging.


Angie Lewis said...

I love the pics - and I definitely agree...Grace is VERY cute!

The Rookie said...

Tee hee hee. Apropos title of that photo, indeed. :)

She is a cutie and then some, I must agree.

Heidi said...

The best is it looks like Sadie is a little bitter in that picture that Grace might be cuter than her.

Charity said...

Jen this is Charity Tebbs. It's so fun to find people's blogs. I hope you don't mind that I'm hopping around on your blog. I found you through Bridget's blog, and Heidi's blog - blame them, it's their fault. Hahaha. I linked over to your hubby's site. He cracks me up. I bet life isn't dole at your house... like ever. haha.
Your kids are very cute. I can tell they don't lack personality (can't imagine where they get that?). Please feel free to violate my blog privacy, as I have yours. It's fun to connect to people that I haven't seen in years! By the way, have you heard of any kind of 10 year reunion? I really think we should have one.

Simply, Sarah said...

Your brother was over tonight for dinner. He was asking about your blog and what was on it. I told him it's fun to read, has his nieces and nephew, and told him about this post, with the baby swing. I think he's ready to see you all again soon:)

Cory Reese said...

You made sacrament meeting better last week when you had to chase the offspring toward the stage. Thanks for keeping me awake!

Hey It's Di said...

I love the grumpy faces. My Mom said that EVERY picture she snapped of me (which I swear she only took two pictures of me growing up:) I was scowling in. I had an older sister and a younger one. Of course I had to scowl!

Grace is adorable frowning or smiling!

amy said...

happy to be here is one of the funniest things i have ever seen. when i met grace, she was so demure i had no idea she was a comic genius.

msjvd said...

Haha! Both kids look just like their mothers at their (respective) ages! hahaha!