09 June 2008

Oh They Say When You Marry in June...

Just like all the rest of you die-hard Seven Brides for Seven Brothers fans, Alex and I celebrate our wedding anniversary this month. As our anniversary fast approaches I will be sharing a few special details about my undying love for Alex. Today I have a short list (excerpts from a long list) of reasons that I love my spouse.

1. He didn't get our marriage annulled when I sang Close to You by the Carpenters at the top of my lungs in our car on the way to San Francisco on our honeymoon.

2. He used to throw temper tantrums and raise his hands and stomp and say "No, no, no," in a cute little boy voice. I just loved that. Then we had children . . .

3. He cherishes delusions of grandeur about how beautiful I am.

4. In high school he used to leave yellow post-its on my car that said, "Duck!"

5. His massive biceps.

6. His love for applesauce.

7. The way he blathers incessantly about whatever project he is working on even if I haven't the remotest idea what he is talking about. The blathering is particularly helpful to distract from the pain of labor contractions, as we discovered at Henry's birth. It also helps me fall asleep on rare occasions.

Happy Anniversary in a few weeks, dear.


champy said...

Thanks. I love you too.

msjvd said...

Please be sure to post more pictures, as some of us were not able to attend your wedding and this is the first time that we've seen the pictures or any other actual evidence of your legal union.

Just... checking to make sure that Henry and Grace are you know, legitimate?

Dansie Family said...

i love that you love his blathering. i think i do most of that in my fam, and tom tolerates it pretty well. congrats and i look forward to more reasons for your love.

Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary Guys! Is this number four or five? (We just celebrated number 6!)
Love you!

Hey It's Di said...

Beautiful picture and he sounds like the perfect guy!

I sure wish the blathering my hubby did would have helped in labor. Instead it drove me crazy and I ripped his shirt:)

Happy Anniversary soon!

Kevin M. said...

We have two things in common:

We both went to San Francisco for our honeymoon.

I blather incessantly about random things and sometimes bore myself with it.

Susan Vilate said...

Haha! I love your list! All of my siblings make me excited to get married. I hope I have a marriage just like all of yours. I love you and happy anniversary!

The Rookie said...

Now that the secret is out, I believe the time has come to put a recording of your rendition of "Close to You" on this blog. It is only fitting.