11 June 2008


Here is a little sampling of what I have been reading since Henry boy was born.
I love this book. One of the most useful things I learned from it right now is that sleep begets sleep. If you keep waking your child during the day so they will sleep at night, they will get overtired. Then their body will release adrenaline and they will be up all night, too. I'm pretty sure I was at the edge of my sanity when Grace was an infant because I was doing that. Genius.
I haven't read this whole book, but the colic massage seems to be doing Henry some good.

I enjoyed reading this, but it only gets a hesitant recommendation because I could definitely tell it was written by an American woman in the 20th century and not a British man in the 19th century. Amazon reviews say Mr. Darcy's Diary is better.

This is one of my top five favorite books. Jane Eyre is well worth an annual read (or more frequent than that). This picture is from the latest BBC film rendition of the classic love story, which is absolutely fabulous. I'm a big fan of the gothic romance that drips from this one's pages.

I just read Treasure Island for the first time at Alex's recommendation. The plot and characters were fun, but here and there it felt like I missed something. Definitely juvenile literature, but ought to be read with a dictionary of nautical terms.

I would only recommend this one to small children who are just beginning to read, because there are fabulous illustrations and the plot was 5-year-old simple.

I really enjoyed this book. I just love Gail Carson Levine. I am excited to read her most recent book. She is the teen girl squad reader's dream.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm always looking for a new book to read!

Angie Lewis said...

Wow, thanks for all the book reviews - I have such a big list of things I want to read these days! I agree that Healthy Sleep Habits was a helpful book (though I didn't read the entire thing)!

The Rookie said...

I always say Jane Eyre changed my life. Always the book worm, I had consumed any available book on the premises by July the summer after 8th grade. It was hot. I was bored. My older sister had a tattered copy of Jane Eyre and since then I've never looked back. It was my first novel within "The Canon." I felt oh-so-sophisticated when I realized it wasn't your run-of-the-mill Babysitter's Club series.

I concur, Jane Eyre is worth an annual read.

Dansie Family said...

i agree with you on jane eyre. first real book for me, too. my sis gave me a fun hardback copy for christmas, 7th grade. next year, she gave me the scarlett letter. i may have to beak those out again.

michelle said...

About the healthy sleep habits book-I did that same thing with Chloe! Isn't that funny how the first child is the experiment, poor kids!
Jace is a MUCH better sleeper than chloe ever was!